Our pineapple concentrate is made with the best pineapples from the Ananas Sativus variety. We select these fruits considering their intense flavour and how juicy they are.
Pineapple juice concentrate is a healthy product. This is due to the fact that pineapples are one of the healthiest fruits. They have a big amount of mineral and vitamins such as vitamin B6, thiamine, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, etc. This composition is responsible for some healthy properties like anti-inflammatory effect and it helps in the prevention or fight against some kinds of cancers, some mental diseases (such as Alzheimer or dementia), strokes, heart attacks, atherosclerosis, etc. Moreover, this fruit is good for diets because of its low calories amount.
This pineapple juice concentrate is a great product to elaborate soft drink and other kinds of beverages. When the clients receive our pineapple juice concentrate, they can add water in order to get the desired Brix grades. In any case, clients should store the pineapple concentrate at a temperature between 4 and 10 Celsius degrees.
We have been processed fruit supplier for over 50 years. Our pineapple juice concentrate and all our products are elaborated with the best raw materials processed with the most appropriate facilities for fruit processing. For these reasons, we always obtain a great product which maintains all the natural and healthy fruit properties.
When our pineapple juice concentrate is ready, we find the best logistic solution in packaging, shipping and in pricing. Usually, we package this product in aseptic bags and in drums with conic shape. Our capacity to adapt each part of our process to the clients’ demands has helped us to reach one of the leading position among the processed fruit suppliers.
Apart from this pineapple concentrate, we supply other pineapple products such as our pineapple and coconut concentrate.

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